NoteMapper v1.15

NoteMapper is a VST plugin that allows you to map MIDI notes to either other notes, or to Continuous Controller (CC), Channel Aftertouch or Poly Aftertouch messages.

Each incoming note can be mapped to up to three notes/messages, even on different MIDI channels. This allows you to, for example, let one specific note trigger drum sounds in up to three different drum samplers. In addition, you can scale the note velocity, apply randomization to the velocity scaling, and set a note probability for each individual note.

NoteMapper can be used for many purposes, for example for MIDI note conversions between different drumkits, or to use a MIDI keyboard to control synths with CC messages or aftertouch messages. The velocity scaling and randomization allows you to create interesting variations if your destination instrument is set to respond to velocity. Create further randomization with the note probability setting.

Key features:
  • Remap MIDI notes.
  • Map MIDI notes to Continuous Controller (CC), Channel Aftertouch or Poly Aftertouch messages.
  • Each note can be mapped to up to three notes/messages.
  • Can remap notes between all 16 MIDI channels.
  • Filter out unwanted notes.
  • Automatic melodic scale assignment.
  • Adjust the incoming velocity by a specified percent.
  • Randomize the velocity scaling.
  • Set a note probability.

System Requirements

Windows 7 or higher. VST2 compatible 64-bit host.


This plugin is free to use for commercial or non-commercial use, but is copyrighted and cannot be distributed without permission.

Download & Installation

Click "Download", open the downloaded zip file and run the setup program.

Version History


  • Added Copy/Paste Preset commands. Makes it possible to copy a preset from one plugin instance to another.
  • An installer is now included.
  • Fixed: Problem med channel pass through and note off value.


  • Fixed: Sometimes crashed when opening an old preset.


  • Fixed: Sometimes crashed if multiple instances open in same project.
  • Fixed: Crashed in some DAWs when shutting down.
  • 32-bit version no longer available.
  • Various minor fixes.


  • Added 'Check for Update' command to main menu.
  • Fixed: Crash in Reaper.
  • Fixed: Info panel background flickering when updating text.


  • Fixed some issues with hiDPI support.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the preset panel closed when dragging the preset list scollbar with the mouse.
  • Various minor fixes.


  • Support for hiDPI displays. Select scaling (100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%, or Auto) from the main menu.
  • Added support for mapping notes to continuous controller (CC), Channel Aftertouch or Poly Aftertouch messages.
  • Double click to edit a cell value.
  • The last edited row is now always visible when you open the GUI.
  • Updated template format (templates.txt, see manual for more information).
  • Possible to change the data folder location containing the settings and preset files with a shortcut file.
  • Fixed: Preset window closed if clicking on preset list scrollbar and dragging outside window.
  • Fixed: GUI issues when Windows 10 app scaling was set to "System (Enhanced)" for non-hiDPI hosts.
  • Various minor fixes and enhancements.


  • Fixed: Dialog boxes shown behind plugin window in Reaper if plugin window was pinned ("stay on top").


  • Fixed: Poly Aftertouch and Program Change midi messages not passed through plugin.


  • Global settings now stored in documents folder instead of Windows Registry.
  • In all right-click popup menus showing parameters values, the highest value is now shown at the top of the menu.
  • Added support for separators and submenus in Load Scale menu (see user guide).
  • Added support for separators and submenus in Input Templates menu (see user guide).
  • Fixed: Plugin would crash/plugin window not display on some Windows installations.


  • Fixed: First note cut off when looping was enabled in DAW.
  • Fixed: Sometimes error when clicking in grid column 1 to preview note.


  • Fixed: "Cannot create file" error at startup.
  • Fixed: "D#" shown instead of "C#".


  • First release.