Cales v1.04

Cales is a VST plugin that allows you to map your keyboard’s keys to a musical scale. This will ensure that you will always stay in key, and never hit a wrong note. When "easy mode" is enabled, you can play any scale using only the white keys with "C" always being the tonic (or "root" note). More than 20 scales are included, and you can add your own custom scales.

Cales can also work as an educational tool. You can use Cales to better understand the various musical scales, as well as to learn those scales by following the visual guides on the plugin's virtual keyboard display.

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. VST2 compatible 32-bit or 64-bit host.


This plugin is free to use for commercial or non-commercial use, but is copyrighted and cannot be distributed without permission.

Download & Installation

Click "Download", open the downloaded zip file and extract the dll file to your VST plugin folder (Cales32.dll if you use a 32-bit host, or Cales.dll if you use a 64-bit host).

Version History


  • Fixed: Dialog boxes shown behind plugin window in Reaper if plugin window was pinned ("stay on top").


  • Fixed: Poly Aftertouch and Program Change midi messages not passed through plugin.


  • Global settings now stored in documents folder instead of Windows Registry.
  • Octave number shown in info panel.
  • Added support for submenus in Scales menu (see user guide).
  • Updated highlighting color in virtual keyboard.
  • Fixed: Hanging notes if two keys were assigned to same note.
  • Fixed: Problem highlighting keys in virtual keyboard when looping was enabled.


  • Fixed: First note cut off when looping was enabled in DAW.


  • First release.